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VeraVia Holiday Survival Guide

VeraVia Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

5 Step Strategy for Staying Healthy and Keeping Your Sanity Throughout the Holidays


  1. Keep your immune system healthy. Sleep 8 hours, take a nap if needed and consider a quality probiotic, vitamin D and vitamin C, along with your regular color-rich meals.
  1. Set an exercise goal to help keep stress at bay. When you can’t get to your normal planned workout, just set a timer for 3 – 5 five minute bursts throughout the day of burpees, jump rope, push-ups, squats and other full body exercises.
  1. Take some time-out. Use on-line apps like Calm or Headspace to do some short guided meditation throughout your day. It’s also nice to take some time to do nothing. Be on the lookout for times to take a break from the action, a time-out to do nothing.
  1. Handle food pushers that want you to eat what you’d rather not. Simply say, “no thanks”, or deflect conversation to something about THEM. Or say, “later”.
  1. Choose this not that. You don’t need to try every single thing on the holiday spread. Pick wisely and stick to the sides that you know are good for you, like turkey and the bounty of vegetables, so that you have room for the one special thing that only comes around once a year. Someone say, “pumpkin pie”?? Always eat a snack before you go to parties and chose the smaller plate if you have that option. Offering to bring a dish a safe way to make sure you can have at least one thing that suits you.

Lastly, give yourself a break, especially if you are healthy already. A few weeks of eating more carbs and less workouts won’t make a huge difference if you get right back to your healthy routine as soon as it’s over……


Happy Holidays from VeraVia!

Learn how to nourish your body.

True wellness requires taking a holistic look at your overall health and paying attention to the vital role that nutrition plays. This guide is packed with expert tips on:

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