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Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Weight Loss Plan

A healthy body and mind means a better life, not only for ourselves but also for the loved ones in our lives. Starting a weight loss plan might be complicated at first, but it’s worth it in the long run if it means a happier you. Weight loss plans don’t come with shortcuts, but we can make your life easier by showing you these helpful tips on your new journey.


Always Eat Breakfast 

A common misconception in weight loss plans is that the less you eat, the thinner you get. However, skipping breakfast won’t do your body any good. Missing the healthy nutrients of a balanced breakfast will damage your body, and it’s likely you’ll fill the absence of breakfast with junk food. Studies have been conducted on the satiety index of common foods. The satiety index rates food according to how well it satisfies our hunger. If a food ranks more than 100, then it’s a nutritious food. However, if it ranks below 100, it might be junk food and not good for your body. Most breakfasts have an index rate of food over 100, meaning they are great for consumption. 


Regular Meals Are Crucial 

Regular meals are your primary source of nutrients and help you burn calories faster. Eat regular meals at a designated time, and it will help you fight any temptation to junk food or treats. Most weight loss plans advise eating your regular meals slowly, as it helps you digest better. After you eat your meal, you can eat a piece of fruit as a treat, but remember to avoid any high-sugar food.


Stay Hydrated 

Sometimes our body tells us we are hungry, when the truth is, we are just thirsty. Being hydrated is good for your mind and body, and you can burn extra calories by just keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated, but it’ll also help you fight the temptation of drinking sodas and other high-calorie beverages. Water is also crucial if you’re exercising or being more active in your life, as you’ll need to be hydrated to keep up with everything.

VeraVia’s multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss considers all the aspects of health that may be impacting your ability to achieve the successful, lasting results you desire.

As we approach the holiday season…it’s important to stay on track, which can be tough when you have added pressure from your family and an endless amount of treats right in front of you. Oftentimes as well, we hold emotional attachments to these holiday foods and associate some of our favorite memories of the holidays with food. We came up with this list of ways to dodge the pressure to overeat. 


  1. Remember your why. Weight loss motivation is powerful 
  2. Enlist support. Use the buddy system by enlisting support from friends, family or co-workers
  3. Plan ahead with meal prep 
  4. Keep hunger in check with regular healthy snacks 
  5. Fill up on veggies and drink more water 
  6. Stick to low calorie cocktails or reduce/stop drinking alcohol
  7. Stay active and try to get more exercise 


Weight loss plans are always hard at the beginning, but by starting this journey, you’re already on the right track. At the end of your weight loss journey, you’ll have a healthy lifestyle that suits your needs and makes you and your family happy. If you’re looking for a weight loss and wellness plan that works, contact VeraVia today. 



“VeraVia was truly a life changing experience for me! I learned more in the two weeks I was there than I had reading and listening to all the diet and health information out there for years prior. The key for me was how personal the program is designed to be and how dedicated each and every staff member was to instilling confidence in me. I had so much love and support from the very first day.

I had been suffering from post-menopause symptoms including weight gain, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and high blood pressure. My high stress job impacted my sleep quality and I struggled with acid reflux for ten years. From my stay at VeraVia I lost 27 pounds and continued to lose another 60 pounds following my take-home plan and implementing everything I learned at VeraVia! I was also able to eliminate my acid reflux for good, and decrease my blood pressure over 25%! After my stay at VeraVia I continued my success by completing my first 10k, I was also able to stop using prescription drugs to treat my hormone imbalance, high blood pressure, and acid reflux. I completely changed the way I eat even with my hectic work schedule.

I simply felt compelled (and still do) to succeed at making the kind of changes that will allow me to live my best and healthiest life. I would go back in a heartbeat!” 


– Paula T., Ohio


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