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Check out some of our guest testimonials to see how our personalized integrative and holistic health and fitness program has completely transformed people’s lives. 

Real People. Real Results.

Your success is an ongoing journey that continues even after your wellness retreat stay ends. During your stay you’ll achieve incredible results, and you’ll be armed with tools and a personalized plan to continue your success at home.

Our guests include Fortune 500 CEO’s, highly successful professionals from around the world, busy moms who take care of everyone else with little time to prioritize their own self-care, people going through a major life transition, celebrities, and even professional athletes. You can hear first hand from our past guests by checking out our 5-star TripAdvisor reviews, and read the stories of how our guests lives were transformed by their experience at VeraVia.

Our guests are able to enjoy lasting and sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing because our retreat is designed to address the underlying causes of their health concerns, and our boutique size ensures that our team can address each persons unique goals.

We have hundreds of similar success stories like these – and hope that we can add yours too!

Eric was suffering from the burnout effects of a highly stressful career. He started the program feeling run down physically and mentally, had struggled for years with digestion issues, and felt hopeless. Upon completing the program, Eric experienced renewed energy and sense of well-being.

“I feel like a new person after my four day stay at VeraVia! I have more energy, I feel fit and healthy, and my stomach feels better than it has in years. I feel more confident in my ability to manage my stress and through the individual consultations I learned how to buy and prepare healthy meals in a short amount of time. My stay at VeraVia greatly exceeded all my expectations and was just the type of reboot I needed to get my motivation back and enjoy life again!

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