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Tips to Prepare for a Weight Loss Spa Stay

Visiting a weight loss spa might seem a little intimidating. Images of pre-dawn wake-ups, boot camp-style regimentation and poking and prodding from doctors might make you wonder what, exactly, you’re in for…However, this perception is both outdated and completely inaccurate.

Today’s weight loss spa experience is all about inspiring and empowering you. That means gorgeous accommodations, exciting activities and a supportive staff that treats you like a friend.

Here’s what you can do to get in the right mindset and maximize your experience during your stay at a weight loss resort.

Take note of what you eat

Having a solid idea of what you eat, when you eat, and WHY you eat will help you put some context around your weight loss goals. A few weeks before you head to the spa, begin paying attention to your eating habits. Don’t beat yourself up about tracking every crumb, but before your weight loss retreat stay, write down what/where/when/why you eat. Make notes about any cravings you have—and what specific circumstances led up to the craving. Taking a holistic look at how food fits into your life will illuminate patterns you might not realize you have. Sharing these insights with the team at your weight loss resort will help them craft an individualized program that conforms to you.

Bring a list of your medications

The medical team at your weight loss spa will need to understand all the medications and supplements you take to ensure that you’re approaching weight loss in a healthy way. Write down a list of all your medications, including the generic (technical) name for the drug, your prescribed dosage amount and the number of times per day you take each. (Of course, don’t forget to pack your actual medication, too!)

Speak with your own doctor

Inform your own doctor about your plans to attend a weight loss retreat. Ask your doctor if there is anything to keep in mind during your stay and any medical direction you should be aware of during your weight loss journey. Print out information about your weight loss spa and bring it along to your appointment, so your doctor can take a closer look at the retreat’s methods and approach. If your doctor has any questions that you can’t answer, write them down and reach out to the retreat staff for more information.

Cut back on smoking

If you do smoke, try to reduce the amount you smoke before arriving at the resort. Though most weight loss retreats discourage smoking, the staff understand that a cold-turkey approach is stressful and could result in a negative impact on your weight loss. However, with a structured daily schedule in place, there are likely going to be fewer smoking breaks than you are accustomed to. Start reducing your own daily smoking habit by changing the areas in which you smoke to make it less convenient and resisting the urge to smoke as a way to kill time at work or gossip with friends. It might also help to incorporate a nicotine patch to replace your cigarette consumption.

Be clear about your goals

Having a specific goal in mind will help you stay motivated. It’s not enough to say, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit.” Assign some metrics to determine what exactly you’re striving toward. Remember to set realistic expectations. A trip to a weight loss resort will not be a miracle. However, it will set you on a track to make lasting change.

Weight loss spas are about more than losing weight. Quality programs are dedicated to changing your mindset about your body and yourself. Ultimately, there is no single correct method to prepare. Overall, the best advice is to relax and remember to have fun.

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