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Overcome Your Obstacles to Healthy Weight Loss

During our years of operating a weight loss luxury resort, we have heard the many reasons guests have a difficult time achieving their healthy weight loss goals. Though these obstacles are real and can definitely inhibit progress, we also know from experience that every obstacle has a path around it. By simply acknowledging the challenges that stand in your way, you take the first important step in conquering them. Here are some of the most common obstacles we hear during sessions at our weight loss resort.

How many of these sound familiar?

Obstacle: Getting started

For many of our guests, taking the initial first step is the most difficult part. Whether it’s procrastinating about making a reservation at a weight loss resort or putting off that new personal weight loss plan until “after the holidays/birthday/vacation,” major lifestyle changes stop you before you even begin. Take the first step by making a plan to start small. Set reasonable expectations for yourself instead of believing you can overhaul every aspect of your life in one go. Then, though it might sound cliché, just do it!

Obstacle: All-or-nothing thinking

We see it all the time: you’re full of excitement when you begin a new workout plan or arrive home from your stay at a weight loss luxury resort, then one little slip and you scrap your entire healthy weight loss plan, thinking that you blew it. However, nothing could be further than the truth! Your personal character is not about the mistakes you make, it’s about what you DO in response to those slip-ups. If you miss a workout, make sure you go the next day. If you eat a high-fat dinner, go right back to your healthy diet with the next meal. The pride of resisting defeat far outweighs the guilt of a single mistake. So give yourself a break and jump right back into your health-conscious lifestyle.

Obstacle: Changing only one part of your life

Maintaining healthy long-term weight loss requires a holistic approach that takes into consideration how your diet, physical health and mental health all work together. Visit a weight loss resort to learn about how the foods you eat impact your health while setting new personal goals, improving your overall outlook on life and trying new fitness activities that keep you motivated. When you enhance every aspect of your life, you can draw inspiration from the areas where you can see immediate improvement, as other aspects of your health improve behind the scenes.

Obstacle: Stress

We’ve all been there: everything seems to be going well, then an unexpected life event or the rush of certain seasons causes us to go running back to our old habits. In order to maintain your healthy weight loss goals, you must make yourself a priority, no matter how stressful the rest of your life becomes. Make sure you you get enough sleep. Prepare ideas for healthy meals and snacks in advance.

Don’t default to poor food choices or stop your exercise routine because you let that sneaky saboteur called stress get the best of you.

Obstacle: Habits & cravings

Habits and craving are real so there’s no point in pretending like they don’t exist. However, you can combat your craving by replacing them with healthy alternatives. When it comes to junk food, simply do not buy it. When it’s not nearby, you are much less likely to reach for it. When your fridge is full of fruits and veggies, you’ll find that after a few short weeks you will begin craving these healthy food items rather than your old unhealthy go-to’s.

Obstacle: The people around you

Believe it or not, friends, family and coworkers might not be your biggest supporters. It’s nothing personal; they might be struggling with their own weight and can’t see how you can find a way out of it. Or, they might fear that you’re going to become a changed person when you adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you notice criticism, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Offer to educate them but don’t hesitate to remind them that if they can’t say anything nice, it’s best not to say anything at all. Be prepared to set an example for those around you.

Understanding your own obstacles to achieve healthy weight loss can be a tricky path to navigate. Use resources like the VeraVia blog to motivate you. Or schedule a consultation with us to discover how to craft a comprehensive personalized plan to meet your weight loss goals.

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