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Your Next Girlfriend Getaway

More and more women are leaving the boys back home and taking a girls-only trip. Vacationing with your best friend differs completely than traveling with your spouse or your kids. Looking for a fun vacation with your bestie but don’t want to blow your budget and energy on partying? By booking a week at a holistic spa, you experience a rare opportunity to reconnect with your friend–and yourself.

Relax and clear your mind

Book a week at a luxury wellness retreat and leave demands of daily life back at home. With a friend by your side, get over the guilt of self-indulgence and focus on the benefits of getting centered. Return to the world with a fresh perspective. Whether you’re climbing the career ladder, managing a family or juggling both, by focusing on your own wellbeing you become a better employee, mother, wife and friend.

Eat well, be well

Vacations don’t have to be all about stuffing your face with street tacos or taking that second helping of dessert just because ‘you are on vacation.’ Your holiday can actually propel you into a healthier lifestyle. When visiting a wellness retreat, you and your girlfriends will eat fresh, quality food prepared by top chefs. Let these new dishes inspire you and get you excited about healthier eating. Make plans to keep up the momentum by planning weekly meals together at health-focused restaurants or getting together for a girl’s night of healthy at-home cooking.

Try interesting activities with a friend by your side

One of the most exciting parts of a wellness retreat or weight loss retreat are the new physical activities you’ll be challenged to do. Having a friend by your side encourages you to try activities you might not otherwise consider. Make lasting memories with your friend as you try new sports that challenge you and help you surpass your own limitations. Know that she’ll be there, encouraging you to push yourself.

Get motivated, stay motivated

During your stay at your wellness retreat, you’ll likely hear lots of exciting information that you will want to take back home to make lasting life changes. Let your experience during your retreat act as the starting point for an improved lifestyle that you maintain long-term. By sharing this experience with someone close, you create a system of accountability that propels you toward your objectives.

Deepen Your Friendship

One of the main benefits of a wellness retreat is identifying your true life’s goals and honestly evaluating what’s holding you back. From there, you can craft a concrete plan to create a more fulfilling life. Be brave by opening up and allowing yourself to share and be vulnerable. For new friends, this intimate experience can help solidify a lifelong relationship. For old friends, this helps deepen an already strong bond.

Get long-term benefits from your girlfriend getaway by booking a vacation that guides you toward self-improvement, healthy living, and overall wellbeing. Whether you choose a weight loss spa or wellness retreat, vacationing with a close friend can inspire you to make healthier choices and encourage you to make sure they last.

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