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Meet Anabell Pariser: The Visionary Executive Chef of VeraVia’s Farm-to-Table Experience

At VeraVia, our commitment to holistic wellness extends beyond the traditional boundaries. As we unveil our new private facility and embark on an even more bespoke experience, we are thrilled to introduce our extraordinary Executive Chef, Anabell Pariser. With a profound passion for plant-based cuisine and a dedication to “Food as Medicine,” Chef Anabell is set to revolutionize your culinary journey at VeraVia. As part of our renewed location and experience, we are excited to announce that we will be growing our own produce, curating a menu that embraces the farm-to-table concept, and creating a delightful synergy of nourishment and sustainability.

A Culinary Journey Driven by “Food as Medicine”

Chef Anabell Pariser embodies the philosophy of “Food as Medicine,” making her a perfect fit for VeraVia’s commitment to holistic well-being. With a wealth of global culinary experience, Anabell infuses her dishes with nutrient-rich ingredients that not only satisfy the palate but also aim to restore and enhance both mental and physical health. Her passion for plant-based cuisine serves as the cornerstone of her culinary artistry, offering a diverse range of flavors through innovative cooking techniques learned in locales from Bali to Baja to Hawaii.

Pioneering Authenticity and Wellness

Anabell’s culinary journey has led her to VeraVia, where she sees an opportunity to be part of an industry pioneer in establishing a unique and authentic philosophy towards food and nutrition. With nearly two decades of experience in the wellness industry, she joins the world-class team at VeraVia as Executive Chef, driven by the desire to help others through her nourishing food and continue her personal growth.

Farm-to-Table Concept: Embracing Sustainability

As part of the new location and experience, VeraVia is excited to embrace a farm-to-table concept under Chef Anabell’s expert guidance. Her passion for sustainable cooking shines through in every dish she creates. Anabell places a strong emphasis on zero waste, locally sourced organic ingredients, and seasonal menus. By incorporating in-house produced or grown sprouts, her own fermented foods, and freshly baked whole-wheat sourdough bread, she ensures that each plate is a celebration of sustainable, nourishing goodness.

Indulge in Guilt-Free Delights

Anabell’s culinary expertise extends beyond savory dishes. She is renowned for her irresistible raw vegan desserts that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Free from gluten, flour, dairy, and added sugar, her creations cater to those with diverse dietary preferences. Drawing from her knowledge of pre-hispanic Central American cuisine, she crafts exquisite raw-vegan chocolates and conducts authentic cacao ceremonies that awaken the senses.

Educator and Cookbook Author

Anabell’s passion for culinary art extends beyond the kitchen as she shares her knowledge and expertise as an accomplished educator. Through regular in-person and virtual classes, she empowers others with essential kitchen skills, including crafting fresh Italian pasta, making savory soups, and experimenting with delectable dressings and sauces – all made from scratch. In her spare time, Anabell is working on her first cookbook, where she plans to share her plant-based culinary wisdom with the world.

A Multifaceted Soul

Beyond the culinary realm, Anabell nurtures her artistic side through painting sunset landscapes. To maintain her own mental and physical balance, she embraces yoga and meditation, embodying the holistic lifestyle she brings to VeraVia.

Visit Us To Experience Chef Anabell

Chef Anabell Pariser is not just an Executive Chef; she is a visionary whose “Food as Medicine” mantra transforms every meal into a nourishing and transformative experience. As part of VeraVia’s new location and experience, Chef Anabell’s culinary artistry will blossom amidst our commitment to growing our own produce and embracing the farm-to-table concept. Indulge in the delights of sustainable, plant-based cuisine and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates wellness, authenticity, and holistic nourishment. At VeraVia, we invite you to savor each moment of this unparalleled experience curated by the visionary chef herself.

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