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Maintaining Healthy Routines when Starting a New Relationship

New love and new relationships often usher in exciting new emotions. However, the joy of new love can also distract you from the healthy routines you’ve established during your single days. Starting a new relationship doesn’t require that you abandon your healthy lifestyle. Instead, you can involve your partner in new routines that build trust, intimacy, and your own emotional wellness.

Here are some tips to stay on track with healthy routines for your mind and body as you navigate your blossoming romantic relationship.

Share your goals with your partner

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. By involving your partner in your goals and sharing their importance to you, your partner can become an instant ally for your healthy lifestyle. You might discover that your partner shares your motivation–or reveal that they see you as an inspiration to set their own emotional wellness objectives.

Cook meals at home

It’s temping to spice up your dating life with frequent date nights at restaurants. However, large restaurant-sized portions and fatty or salty ingredients can jeopardize your healthy habits. Home-cooked meals allow you to control portion sizes, feature low-fat ingredients, and make it easier to skip dessert. Plus, cooking in the kitchen is a fun and unique way to bond with your partner.

Get active together

Variety is the spice of life–and relationships. Learning a new adventurous activity is a fun and unforgettable date idea that can kickstart a relationship. Try something mildly physically challenging like rock climbing, kayaking, or stand-up paddle surfing. Or, fold your new partner into your already active lifestyle. Invite your partner on a run or hike, or try couples yoga in order to stay fit while strengthening your emotional bond.

Plan ahead

After a fun evening spent with your partner, it’s temping to load up on a large restaurant breakfast the following morning. Eliminate the temptation by planning ahead. Take a quick grocery store run together the night before and stock up on fruits, yogurt, high-fiber cereal or smoothie ingredients for a fresh and healthy breakfast.

Remember that vacations count, too!

You’re much more likely to “cheat” on nutrition or exercise during vacations (including weekend trips, day trips and camping). However, by planning your itinerary ahead of time, you can structure your trip to accommodate your healthy habits. Plan for activities like hiking, walks on the beach, or a country bike ride. On road trips, pack your own healthy snacks so you’re not enticed by greasy roadside diners. Another option is to spend the weekend together at a wellness retreat or relaxation spa where all your meals and activities are designed to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

Starting a new relationship does not require the sacrifice of healthy habits you’ve already developed. By folding your new partner into your healthy lifestyle and sharing your goals and expectations, you can create new joint patterns and try couple-friendly activities that promote emotional wellness, prompting you to further fall in love with yourselves–and one another.

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