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What to Look for in a Holistic Spa

“Holistic” means that all parts of a system are intrinsically interconnected. Whatever actions you take in one area will ultimately make an impact on the whole. Your weight, mental health, and overall wellness are part of a complete system. A holistic spa should provide services that nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s what to look for before booking your stay at a holistic spa.


Your wellness retreat should be run by experts in nutrition, fitness, and mental and physical health. Not only do they possess a deep understanding of their area of expertise, they work together to develop comprehensive programs that complement one another. As experts, they understand the importance of not overworking yourself and can help you set realistic expectations. Remember, their expertise should inspire you, not intimidate you.

Comfortable accommodations

Comfort and security comprise the fundamental foundation of personal change. Improving your lifestyle does not require suffering. Your holistic spa should provide you with personal accommodations and shared spaces that encourage relaxation and provide an opportunity for you to focus.

Support & encouragement

Your wellness retreat should aim to reduce your overall stress level, not add to it. Look for friendly, accessible staff who prioritize your wellbeing. That means no military-style yelling or harsh criticism.

The process of change can create resistance and anxiety. The staff at your holistic spa should treat you with kindness and respect at all times, without exception.


The key to lasting change is not just about taking action. It’s about understanding WHY the actions you take deliver an impact. Staff should answer your questions clearly and provide you with in-depth knowledge that will inform your future choices, including fundamentals about nutrition, your metabolism, how fitness choices affect your body and the connection between stress and health. Education is one of the most important tools you take with you after leaving your wellness retreat.

Clear goals & objectives

In order to arrive at your ultimate destination, you need to know your starting place. The staff at your wellness retreat should take careful measurements of your weight, body fat, health issues, stress triggers, and lifestyle realities. This will help you set achievable goals. With these metrics in mind, the experts at your holistic spa retreat can craft a personalized plan fitness, nutrition, and wellness plan that sets realistic expectations for change.

Tools for emotional wellbeing

Because the mind and body are so closely interconnected, it’s difficult to make progress in one area without support in the other. A quality holistic spa should place equal emphasis on both, providing you with tools, techniques, and tips to reevaluate how you handle the mental and emotional demands of everyday life. Your spa experience should include stress management techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and goal-setting strategies that help you overcome mental and emotional blocks to your success.

Your mind and body are a unified system of physical, mental, and emotional moving parts. Your holistic spa experience should support this. Look for a wellness retreat that recognizes the importance of each individual aspect of your overall wellbeing and delivers a program that encourages advancement in every area.

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