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Health Monitoring Tools & Resources to Optimize Wellness

Thanks to today’s technological tools and service-oriented resources, it’s never been easier to accurately monitor your health. By tracking where you start and following your progress over time, you give yourself a greater shot at accomplishing your goals and staying on track. These are some of the most helpful tools and services available to monitor your health and fitness. Pick the best combination for your budget, schedule, and lifestyle and watch a healthier you emerge!

Here are our recommendations for…

…Counting Calories

Use online resources to easily track exactly what you eat. MyFitnessPal is a popular free calorie counter and diet & exercise journal to manage your journey. The extensive in-app food database remembers what you have eaten and lets you quickly search for foods by scanning barcodes.

…Revamping Your Diet

One of the most challenging aspects of getting healthier is changing what you eat. Work with a certified nutritionist to get a better understanding of what your body needs. They will help you craft a meal plan that fit your schedule, budget and flavor palette. Look for nutritionists who partner with health retreats in your area, or ask for recommendations from your gym.

…Getting Inspired by Healthy Food

Eat healthier with less hassle. Meal prep delivery service Sun Basket delivers a box of fresh, organic ingredients directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is follow the directions to prepare your meal. Not only is this an opportunity to eat healthier, it’s also a crash course in at-home cooking.

…Tracking Your Workouts

There are lots of electronic activity bands on the market with many convenient features at every price point. Rather than list each one here, check out this 2016 fitness tracker product comparison from Choose the tracker that fits best with your lifestyle and technology comfort level to keep track of your fitness accomplishments.

…Visible Results

Work with a personal trainer who will assess your health and fitness levels, then create a plan to help you achieve your goals efficiently. By exercising with an expert, you gain the benefit of their experience as well as their ongoing encouragement. Find a qualified trainer at a gym in your area or visit a fitness retreat to jumpstart your training.

…Staying Motivated

Monitoring your health isn’t always about science–sometimes it’s just about staying on track.

Get together with friends and set a recurring date to work out at the gym, run, hike, share healthy recipes or any other activity that keeps you interested in maintaining your health. Sharing your experience with others keeps everyone accountable. Take photos of your journey to track your progress. If you feel comfortable, post this information publicly to social media. This allows others in your circle to encourage you on your journey and helps you recognize how far you have come.

…Shaking things Up

Devote your focus on exclusively monitoring your health–at least for a week. The experts at health and wellness retreats have created thoughtful curricula designed to improve your health from a holistic perspective. Nutritionists and physicians will establish a baseline reading of your overall health. They will monitor your progress over the course of the retreat and set you on track to continue advancing at home. Return 6 months or 1 year later to discover how your habits and health have improved.

…Good old fashioned physical exams

Prevention is the most powerful tool in your health monitoring arsenal. Visit your doctor regularly for an annual physical exam. Lab tests will reveal imbalances in your blood or hormone levels. Stress tests will help you get a greater understanding of your heart and lung health. Your doctor will identify factors that place you at risk for specific illnesses and can start treatment early, if necessary.

By paying close attention to your own physical and emotional wellness, you can begin to recognize changes immediately. Rather than going it alone, use the tools, resources, and services above to help encourage you along the way. If you are excited about any health monitoring tools or resources we didn’t list, share your recommendations in the comments below!

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