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What to Expect After a Wellness Retreat

Wellness retreats are loaded with exciting experiences, helpful information, and new friendships.

But what happens when you return from the retreat?

How can you get the most out of your experience?

Will your progress last?

Here’s what to expect after the retreat concludes and you arrive back home.

Expect a new (or renewed) interest in fitness and outdoor activities

Moving your body in new ways is a fantastic way to initiate a shift in your current mental, emotional, and physical habits. Your wellness retreat will likely include a solid emphasis on fitness, featuring a wide variety of exercises that range from low to high intensity. You’ll awaken dormant muscle groups and improve your flexibility, balance, and stamina.

Use this as an opportunity to try new types of training, like spinning, mat Pilates, yoga, TRX, and outdoor hikes. As you work with your retreat’s fitness trainers, you’ll learn which types of exercise interest you the most. Your trainers will help you craft an exciting fitness plan that works with your lifestyle back at home.

Expect to prepare nutritious recipes for yourself

Most of us have no idea how the body processes certain foods. Though we know that we’re not eating healthy, we have no idea what we should be eating instead. Your wellness retreat should educate you about how to balance your macronutrient intake with high quality, nutrient-rich foods that support your body’s natural detoxification process. After leaving your retreat, you’ll have a personalized eating plan designed by a nutritionist with directives that you can achieve on your own.

Expect a new toolkit of stress-reduction strategies

Your wellness retreat will focus on the significant impact of your mental and emotional health on your overall wellbeing. During your stay at the retreat, you’ll learn how to achieve greater work/life balance, how to navigate challenging life events, and how to renew your own energy sources regularly. You’ll discover the importance of taking time for yourself, as well as learning to become more forgiving of yourself and others. You’ll practice meditation and mindfulness and discover the importance of each. These tools will demonstrate their true value when you leave the retreat and once again face the challenges of everyday life. You’ll find that this new set of reliable emotional wellness tools will help you manage stressful situations more effectively.

Expect that while your body might not be completely transformed (yet), your mind will be

You’ll soak up many new experiences and a ton of information during your wellness retreat. You’ll likely see visible results in the form of weight loss, greater muscle tone, and increased energy. However, if you’re seeking to make a major physical transformation, you’ll need to stay the course with determination and consistency. This is where your new mindset will come into play. During your retreat, you’ll shift your perspective to one of positive expectation about the achievability of your goals. Use this motivation to stay on track until you reach your objectives.

No matter where you go or how long you stay, a wellness retreat will introduce you to an entirely new level of respect for your own mind and body. This respect is your gift to yourself. With ongoing care and attention, it will become the gift that keeps on giving.

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