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A Different Look at Nutrition

Healthy weight loss requires taking a holistic look at your overall health and paying attention to the vital role that nutrition plays in reaching your wellness goals. At VeraVia, we believe in an inside-out approach: the healthier you are inside, the more it shows on the outside. That is, weight loss simply is a side effect of elevating your overall health.

During each retreat at our weight loss resort, we spend a lot of time examining the ways nutritional choices affect weight loss. We find that no matter how many hours spent at the gym, many people inadvertently undermine their weight loss goals by making nutrition choices that don’t support their health. Then they’re understandably confused when they don’t see results.

In this article, we encourage you to take a different look at nutrition, one that shifts the focus away from caloric intake toward an integrated understanding of the role nutrition plays in your life and how it supports your weight loss journey.

It’s not about less. It’s about better.

The quality of your food is the starting point for every aspect of your health. It’s the fuel your body needs to run efficiently. Low quality food choices might not create immediate damage but will gradually erode your overall wellness. High blood pressure, gastrointestinal difficulties, problems sleeping, low energy and arterial obstructions are just a few of the side effects of sustained poor nutrition. Help your body’s detoxification process by providing it with high quality nutrient-rich fresh foods. Balance these with your macronutrient intake (things like fats, proteins, and carbs) to achieve optimal blood sugar regulation.

Get educated.

With so many fad diets and nutritional philosophies floating around it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Meanwhile, packaged foods companies and fast food chains offer an endless barrage of “eat-this-now!” messaging designed to put food in your belly without putting nutrients in your body. Most people simply have no idea what to eat.

We recommend working with a holistic nutritionist to develop a healthy eating plan that works best for you. A professional nutritionist is more than a meal-planner. They will share their extensive knowledge about how your unique metabolism processes food and can help you identify foods to support healthy weight loss that satisfy your tastes.

Love yourself by loving what you eat.

Quality nutrition isn’t just about what you eat; it’s about how you eat. Slow down and take the time to appreciate your food–both during preparation and as you consume it. Choose organic, locally-grown foods free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Stop scarfing down frozen and microwaved foods in a hurry. During our weight loss resort retreats, our in-house chefs prepare fresh foods then show our guests how easy it is to make delicious, healthy meals at home. Relax and take the time to enjoy the role of nutritious foods in your diet.

Your transition to healthier eating does not have to happen overnight. Making better choices to promote healthy weight loss is not a one-off decision. It’s an ongoing commitment to replace unhealthy choices with better alternatives. Start swapping out foods with healthier options and discover which ones you really like.

Do you need help building the ideal nutrition plan? Contact us at (800) 527-1936 and schedule your stay at our wellness retreat, where one of our nutritionists will help you develop a healthy meal plan that boosts your energy and heals your body.

Learn how to nourish your body.

True wellness requires taking a holistic look at your overall health and paying attention to the vital role that nutrition plays. This guide is packed with expert tips on:

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