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Clean Eating

Great Reward Ideas that Aren’t Edible

Rewarding the body is in many ways also rewarding to the mind. Treats and rewards give us something to anticipate, a feeling of enjoyment in

Change Your Perspective on Losing Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight and not finding much success, it’s time to acknowledge that maybe what you’re doing isn’t working. Though you might

Body Image

How Self-Awareness Impacts Wellness

Even with the best intentions to improve your wellness through diet and exercise, you might unknowingly retain mental habits that can sabotage your progress. One

Emotional Wellness

How to Improve Your Mindset for Wellness

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see the results you want or when external factors start to impede your wellness goals. However, physical

Emotional Wellness

Behold, the Power of Meditation!

Meditation might seem like a fast-rising modern trend, but written instances of meditation emerged around 1500 BCE–that’s roughly 3500 years of recorded history detailing the

Staying Healthy For Your Retirement

According to a recent Gallup poll, the average age that most Americans retire has increased to 62. Unfortunately, if you don’t establish the right types

Health & Wellness

Investing in your People: Start from the Top

Work-life balance is a hot topic in many workplaces as bosses realize that happy, healthy employees are a business’ most important resources. Luckily, it’s possible