Fitness Resort in California

Achieving fitness looks different for each person who comes to VeraVia, which is why we create a personalized, safe, and evidence-based fitness plan for everyone we work with.

Personalized Fitness Vacations

Unlike other fitness retreats, we limit our program to a highly exclusive number of guests so that we can provide unparalleled individual attention, and a completely customized fitness experience for each guest!

No matter what your current fitness level is, or what limitations you may have, we will meet you where you are. Enjoy exceptional fitness experiences that will push you past your comfort zone in a way that challenges you while also ensuring you don’t over exert yourself, and stay injury-free.

Whether you’re seeking new executive fitness regimens to fit a busy schedule, or intensive workouts to improve your health long-term, we’ll get you working at peak performance in no time.

The fitness component includes group classes, boot camp-style training, nature hikes, sport-specific exercises, strength training, and more! — all designed for your individual level of experience and fitness.

Most of our fitness classes are outdoors to take advantage of our beautiful Southern California natural environment.

Program Components

Our fitness classes feature a comprehensive approach that includes:

Eric was suffering from the burnout effects of a highly stressful career. He started the program feeling run down physically and mentally, had struggled for years with digestion issues, and felt hopeless. Upon completing the program, Eric experienced renewed energy and sense of well-being.

“I feel like a new person after my four day stay at VeraVia! I have more energy, I feel fit and healthy, and my stomach feels better than it has in years. I feel more confident in my ability to manage my stress and through the individual consultations I learned how to buy and prepare healthy meals in a short amount of time. My stay at VeraVia greatly exceeded all my expectations and was just the type of reboot I needed to get my motivation back and enjoy life again!

Start your journey to wellness today.

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