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5 Reasons Why a Wellness Retreat Is the Ideal Getaway

Deciding on the right vacation can be a challenge. With limited funds and scarce time off, it’s understandable that you want to organize the trip of a lifetime–an excursion that will be fun, inspiring, and refreshing. Well, put away that world map. Close the web page on your international travel visa application. The ideal getaway is right around the corner: a wellness retreat near you.

Whether you’ve given it a lot of thought or haven’t yet considered it, here are five surprising reasons that a wellness retreat might just be the perfect vacation.

  1. You’ll try new things.

Part of the thrill of any vacation is getting the opportunity to experience something new. For some, the idea of “getting out of your comfort zone” can be intimidating. However, nearly every vacation involves leaving your comfort zone, since by definition you depart the familiar comforts of home and head into the unknown. But whether it’s navigating the Paris metro, practicing your Spanish in a tapas bar or rock climbing for the first time, the very act of trying something new brings a thrill.

A wellness retreat is no different. You’ll be asked to participate in activities that might be new to you, including physical fitness, mental exploration, and emotional introspection. The only distinction is retreat activities are specifically geared toward enhancing your personal wellbeing. Plus, you’ll receive supervision from professionals who act as personal guides throughout your journey. Along with the new friends you make at the retreat and friends and family you bring along, you’ll be surrounded by encouragement and support as you try exciting new things.

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  1. You’ll improve your health.

Many of us come home from vacation happy but a bit foggy. Maybe we ate too much, drank too much, stayed out too late, etc… At a wellness retreat, you’ll actually return home in better shape, physically, mentally and emotionally.

At VeraVia, the first thing we do is conduct a comprehensive medical wellness evaluation to establish a baseline for your personal health. Over the course of our retreats, guests have experienced improvements in blood pressure, weight loss, better sleeping habits, reduced cravings, lower anxiety and a host of other tangible results. For many guests who have struggled while trying initiate change on their own, these immediate advances are worth the cost of the stay.

  1. The food and accommodations will be excellent.

Bad food and creepy hotels are top culprits when it comes to ruined vacations. Unlike a conventional vacation, at a wellness retreat, your comfort is a top priority. Retreat sites are usually selected due to their charming location and upscale amenities. These locations are selected to soothe your soul as you go through personal change.

Another great wellness retreat delight is service from the group’s personal chef. Food is the body’s most important fuel, so retreat chefs are well-versed in preparing delectable dishes based on healthy, fresh ingredients. Not only will you feast on delicious meals throughout your stay, you’ll learn how to select the right food and prepare delicious healthy meals on your own back at home.

  1. You’ll be kind to yourself.

Vacation planning can be stressful, and so can the vacation itself. Keeping track of schedules, confirming reservations, and catching the plane/shuttle/ferry/taxi on time can wear you down–precisely during the period you’ve set aside to relax.

A wellness retreat is all about focusing on yourself. Daily itineraries, meal times and activities will be planned for you in advance, so you’ll never need to worry about details. Instead, you’ll spend your time immersed in activities that span the entire range of emotions, from high-adrenalin to pure relaxation. Prioritizing your own well-being might be a big departure for you–on vacation, or in life. This is exactly why a wellness retreat is the ideal getaway. You’ll clear away the clutter to bring balance back to your life.

  1. You’ll chart a course toward lasting change.

It’s no secret that you return from vacation slightly different than when you departed. You might be more relaxed, more inspired, or just better rested. After a wellness retreat, you’ll be all three. Plus, you’ll firmly set yourself on the path to improved mental and physical health. During the retreat itself, you might experience immediate change, including weight loss and stress reduction. But your stay will also include tools and techniques like goal setting, meditation, dietary improvement tips and resources that will accompany you back home. These long-term “souvenirs” set you up for an enhanced, healthy perspective that can improve the direction of your life the long run.

Lots of people consider visiting a wellness retreat but stop short of committing because they’re not sure what to expect. “Will it be hard? Will I have fun? With it be worth the money? Will I notice any change?”

When you take the time to individually evaluate the benefits of a retreat, the answer quickly becomes clear. Not only is a wellness retreat a transformative life event, it’s a personal vacation you’ll never forget.

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