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10 Tips to Making a Healthy Smoothie

Incorporating smoothies into your diet as a snack or meal replacement is a useful way to promote healthy weight loss. Not only are smoothies a great choice for a fast and healthy breakfast, but they also make excellent desserts or after-workout pick-me-ups. However, by adding the wrong ingredients to your smoothie, you might unwittingly counteract your weight loss goals. You can learn the secrets of these tasty, decadent treats that are staples at every weight loss luxury resort and start creating your own health-conscious smoothies right at home.

Tip 1: Don’t skimp on the ice.

Thicker smoothies satisfy your empty stomach and convince your brain that you’re getting full. By adding ice, you’re filling up with water (instead of sugars or fats), which also means you’re hydrating. If you want something a little richer, freeze unsweetened almond milk in an ice cube tray and get the benefits of Vitamin E and calcium.

Tip 2: Pump up the iron by adding spinach.

Veggies are overlooked in smoothies, but are excellent choices to maintain healthy weight loss.

Choose leafy greens like spinach, kale, and chard to give your smoothie a quick injection of iron.

Tip 3: Turn any fruit smoothie into a delightful dessert with cinnamon.

Giving up desserts can be challenging when you’re trying to lose weight. But by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your favorite fruit smoothie (especially any smoothie that contains banana) you add a spicy sweetness that your mind normally associates with dessert.

Tip 4: Use a banana as a thickener.

Skip the ice cream and add a banana instead (freeze the banana for a slightly creamier texture). Not only are you eliminating excess fat by not using ice cream, but you also gain banana’s many benefits, like additional fiber and potassium.

Tip 5: Skip the yogurt. Seriously.

It’s temping to throw a half cup of yogurt into your smoothie to cream it up, but what you’re really doing is dumping excess sugar and fat into your smoothie which negatively affects your weight loss. Instead, use the banana options described above and never look back.

Tip 6: Use all-natural sweeteners.

If you absolutely must add a sweetener use all-natural options, like organic honey, stevia, or organic apple juice.

Tip 7: Use tea as your liquid.

Who says you have to use water or milk as the liquid in your smoothie? Select healthy teas like green tea, chamomile, or oolong tea, which boosts metabolism and naturally promotes weight loss.

Tip 8: Add dates.

Dates aren’t pretty but they make excellent additions to smoothies. Not only are they ultra-sweet, but they also add mega amounts of fiber and potassium, relieve constipation, and promote overall digestive health.

Tip 9: Rely on healthy fats.

Though you’re skipping the ice cream and yogurt, you might not want to put banana into every smoothie. Never fear, avocados are here! Avocados are awesome thickening agents and are relatively flavorless when paired with other sweet fruits. Avocados are common in meals at our weight loss luxury resort because their monounsaturated fats are known to reduce cholesterol levels and belly fat, as compared to polyunsaturated fats found in many processed foods.

Tip 10: Add superfoods and seeds.

Cacao, goji berries, aloe vera and maca are all superfoods, which means that they’re especially beneficial for your health. Hemp, chia and flax seeds introduce essential nutrients and good fats and oils into your smoothie. Get creative based on the flavors and textures that best complement your smoothie preferences.

Just because you’re on the path to weight loss doesn’t mean you have to eliminate delicious treats from your life. Simply use the above steps to keep smoothies in your diet and ensure that they’re the healthiest and most delicious treats possible.

What is your favorite addition to a healthy smoothie? Let us know in the comments.

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